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Big Gyms Are Scams

published on 2024-04-08

Explore why Gym Force calls big gyms scams and advocates for community-centric fitness centers, prioritizing access, support, and genuine progress over profit-driven motives.


The Benefits of Jiu Jitsu as a Long Term Fitness Program

published on 2024-03-31

Discover the incredible benefits of trying Jiu Jitsu as your long term fitness routine and how it can positively impact your physical and mental well-being.

Recognizing Toxic Behaviors in the Fitness Industry

published on 2024-03-24

Unveiling the dark side of the fitness industry and how to spot toxic behaviors that hinder progress and growth.

Stop Wasting Time! 3 Gym Hunting Mistakes You Must Avoid!

published on 2024-03-17

3 common pitfalls faced by beginners in the realm of fitness and how to overcome them effectively.

The 4 Agreements One Should Make with Themselves When Joining a Gym

published on 2024-03-10

Embark on a transformative journey towards better health and well-being by making these four essential agreements with yourself when joining a gym.

Embracing the Cult-Like Passion of Fitness and Community

published on 2024-03-04

Ever encountered a friend suddenly zealously promoting their fitness routine or martial arts practice, prompting whispers of joining a cult? Before brushing it off, let's uncover the deeper motivations behind this fervent dedication.

Don't Fall for the Hype: The Truth About Trendy Workouts

published on 2024-02-25

Understanding the popularity of trendy fitness studios like Orangetheory and SoulCycle, and contrasting their short-term appeal with activities like CrossFit and weightlifting, underscores the importance of measurable progress, skill development, and community support for lasting fitness goals.

Thriving Together: The Power of Community-Based, Coaching-Focused Gyms

published on 2024-02-18

Discover the transformative power of community-based, coaching-focused gyms. Explore how these establishments prioritize personal connections, skill development, and unwavering support to create a holistic environment where members thrive together.


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