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If you're a passionate owner of a community-based, coaching-focused gym or martial arts school, you deserve to be recognized as an expert. You should be revered in the same way that the best doctors are. Your prices should be based on ensuring quality, not as a sales tactic. Your abilities and skills in your chosen discipline should be broadly understood as common knowledge. Memberships at your gym should be required for small businesses that believe in supporting the health of their employees.

Our Mission

At Gym Force, we're on a mission to transform the landscape for independent gyms and their owners. We envision a future where these high-quality establishments are thriving with waitlists. Our goal is to create a strong brand that reflects the impactful and distinct qualities they possess by enhancing marketing, advertising, and messaging at scale. This journey is guided by honesty and the direct feedback of our members.

Founders Circle

As an early adopter, you'll enjoy exclusive Founders Circle pricing of $29 per month forever, available only to our first thousand customers. We acknowledge that early on, benefits might not be immediately apparent, but rest assured, as our network expands, each new Gym Force member will exponentially increase our ability to provide value as well as innovation and improved service offerings. We deeply appreciate our founding customers for taking a chance with us, and we are committed to making you proud.

Our Approach

We recognize the challenges posed by industry behemoths and marketing-centric fitness studios. If you're hesitant about joining Gym Force, we understand. We welcome any feedback that can make our network more compelling for you. Our approach is pressure-free, ensuring you feel comfortable every step of the way.

At Gym Force, we believe you deserve mainstream recognition. We don't think you should have to advertise on a sandwich board. You also shouldn't have to create content to attract members – we know how hard you work and the profound impact you have on your community. We want to amplify your story and share it with the world. We think you deserve a Super Bowl commercial!

If you're interested in joining our mission, click the apply button, and a member of our team will reach out directly. There is no cost or obligation to fill out our application. Additionally, if you have any ideas to help us in our mission or if you have any questions about our services, please feel free to email our founder and CEO directly at jason@gymforce.app.


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