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Start Now: Why 'Getting in Shape First' Is a Myth

By Jason David

Starting your fitness journey with Gym Force means receiving support from empathetic trainers who understand your struggles and can guide you effectively, regardless of your current fitness level.

Many people often think to themselves, "I need to get in shape first," when looking to try something such as CrossFit or jiu-jitsu. Not only does that almost always guarantee failure, but it's also simply the wrong way of looking at it. Regardless of how good of shape anyone is in, these endeavors are physically difficult and very intense. Conversely, the more out of shape someone is, the more important it is that they start NOW.

In my experience, people who try to "get in shape" first often feel demoralized because they still feel "out of shape" when they do start. This can be incredibly discouraging and can even lead to abandoning their fitness goals altogether. That's where Gym Force comes in.

Gym Force facilities offer a unique advantage for these folks. Many of the owners and trainers at these facilities started off as beginners themselves and can use empathy to help newcomers along the way. It's easy to get discouraged in this influencer culture, seeing those fitness types on social media who look a certain way. There's a good chance that many of them are genetically gifted and never went through the long and grueling process of learning such difficult skills as jiu-jitsu, CrossFit, weightlifting, and even yoga.

Gym Force is the first-of-its-kind network of gyms filled with amazing trainers who have seen it all and want to help. They understand not just from a business perspective but from personal experience. They know the benefits of long-term adherence to their discipline and, as a result, can easily apply their direct knowledge to help others along the way.

The key to success in any fitness journey is to start where you are, not where you think you should be. At Gym Force, we believe that everyone deserves a supportive and understanding community to help them reach their goals. Our trainers are not just experts in their fields but also mentors who have been in your shoes and know how to guide you through the challenges.

So, if you're waiting to get in shape before starting something new, stop waiting. Start now. Join a Gym Force facility and connect with a community that understands your struggles and is ready to help you succeed.

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